Vandella Wells

Name of Your Company?

Simply Della’s Fashion 


Author, fashion designer, Missionary,Leadership in women ministry and entrepreneur

Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? 

My journey as a woman in the business and ministry is great. It can be challenging to work full-time, while also juggling things that life brings. My faith in God and believing in myself gives me the push I need to keep going forward. I Keep God first, build my spiritual life daily, and attend a faith-based church that I am active in. This church keeps me grounded while doing my ministry. I work on my business by constantly promoting, advertising, and burning the midnight oil. The result is the outcome of seeing people being encouraged, inspired, and motivated by me not giving up when I could have. This gives me the energy and adrenaline to do more! What made me start was when the shutdown happened as an effect of COVID-19. This is when the Women’s Ministry that God gave me began. During this time, I also created my online store. God will give you the wisdom to separate business from ministry which is very important.

Are you an Author, have you hit Amazon Best Seller yet if so how many times? 


What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur ?

The advice that I can give others is to go after your dreams and to believe in yourself. Don’t allow negative energy from others to stop you from believing in your dreams. Sometimes it might seem like no one is supporting or believing in the vision that you are birthing. Your business might go months without any sales, but keep promoting, marketing, and trying to better yourself every day. Don’t be afraid to invest and spend money on your business. You must get information, helpful tips, and advice to make your business better. Remember to work smarter and not harder! Don’t be afraid to burn the midnight oil while working on your business. Just never stop praying and trust God’s process, because He is the one that has given you your gifts and talents.

What are your goals for 2024? 

My goals for 2024 are to go full force on my business and to seek after everything that will help my business grow. I will stay positive and motivated about what God has placed within me. My goal is to get involved in my family life and the women that are coming behind me. I want 2024 to be the year God starts manifesting some things that I have been talking, praying, and believing in. I plan to be a better businesswoman, more adventurous, and step out of my comfort zone by taking more chances on my business and ministry. I plan to travel more and purchase plane tickets without allowing fear to grip me. My goal is to get a passport to travel out of the country and to do some things that are on my bucket list. I also plan to start working on my credit to be better and to become a first-time homeowner which is the American dream. One of my main goals is to educate myself more, and to not leave anything on the table so that there will be nothing that 2024 will owe me!


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