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Award Winning Television Anchor, Award Winning Talk Show Host, A Woman Working & Winning, Outstanding Professional Communicator, Woman of Excellence

Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? 

My motivation is living my life the way I’m supposed to and turning my dreams into fruition! Above anything else I value my family…my husband AJ, our son Aaron James, my immediate family, work family and family of community. But I also never rest on my laurels or waste a day ONE BIT. I’m a leader! A born leader! I use every moment strategizing and working toward success…success in career, success in family, success in life! I put being PROACTIVE , PASSION and PURPOSE into everything I do. But I’ m very passionate about service. I believe service IS THE way to develop leadership skills on and off the job. “My platform is about cultivating corporate partnerships (the business sector) with civic organizations to coalition and promote service opportunities that strengthen our workforce and above all else strengthen a resolve to build stronger communities. It’s worked for me. I’ve volunteered since I was in high and college and it’s made a positive difference in my life, setting me a part as a leader who is defined not just by words…but by action. I’ve impacted and changed lives…starting first with my own….to know and understand that everyone has a civic responsibility to give back, take part and take ownership of the communities in which we all live. And when you volunteer, when you make service as much a priority as getting ahead, YOU DO GET AHEAD. You become a leader, you develop networking skills, a positive sense of self and self-confidence, you sharpen your communication skills, you stand taller and shine brighter, because the leader within you is being refined. Again, these aren’t just my words, it’s my self-testimony…of a girl from the inner-city Bronx who developed into a state and nationally recognized leader.

What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur ?

To never settle for where you are. Listen the voice within. And if there are times that voices gets louder and louder, let it stir you to action. There is a reason the voice won’t be silent. It’s because it knows…and deep down inside YOU know you’re destined for more. And whatever that MORE is, it will only be attainable if you’re moved to action, moved to change your circumstances. Never settle because you’re too afraid of success…or you’re afraid people won’t accept you if you’re too successful and they’re not. Not everyone is meant to be in your life during your journey. People are around for a season and a reason. Don’t let their limitations of you…become your reality. Because in the end YOU will regret it. And you will be miserable. Go for what you want. Be open to learning…challenging yourself…doing new things…and welcoming a shift. Don’t let the hard times (because there will be plenty of them) keep you immobile and paralyzed. Believe in your soul you’re destined for greatness and know that GOD is creating your path and steps all the way. You’re never alone because you have HIM. Surround yourself with like minded people and be open to new experiences…and new people. As your circumstances change and evolve so should the people in your circle. But know you’re destined for more. If GOD put it in your heart there’s a reason why. Finally, have an attitude of gratitude. If you’re grateful for what GOD has given you thus far, HE will assuredly expand that to more. A grateful heart grows…

What are your goals for 2024? 

My goals for 2024 are to continue doing what I just advised other entrepreneurs…Take my own advice and go for the gusto! I will continue launching my production company/media ventures, grow my brand and expand my network to include more successful women like myself. I will continue to expand “The Shawn Cunningham Show”, “The Black Business Report” and launch my new endeavor “Black Women Mean Business.” I’m loving this journey! I’m thankful for every opportunity, and every person along the way that has left an imprint I can utilize to enhance my journey. I’ve come along way baby! And I’m still going farther. Some dreams have been brought to fruition but I’m excited about the ones that have yet to materialize.

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