Every day, Melony Armstrong demonstrates what a leader is. Thousands of low-income families are housed, clothed and fed not because she sought out government assistance for them, rather, she is responsible for breaking down regulatory walls that prohibited anyone from practicing hair braiding without a cosmetology license in her state of MS. Now, in the state of Mississippi alone over 7,000 women are now registered hair braiders and first-time business owners. Her Salon, Naturally Speaking, is the first licensed hair braiding salon in the state of MS. She has traveled across the nation and abroad telling her story.  

  1. She Successfully lobbied the State of Mississippi and fought to free would-be hair braiders from needing to acquire a cosmetology license to practice their craft.
  2. She has an award-winning documentary “Locked Out” A Mississippi Success Story produced by The Charles Koch Institute.
  • She Testified before Congress.
  • Featured Article in Essence magazine October 2019.
  • Appeared on the John Stossel show in New York.
  • Featured publication, “The Power of One Entrepreneur”
  • Named as a Social Entrepreneur in Charles Koch most recent book, “Believe in People”.
  • Executive Producer of Freedom Hair Movie, the Melony Armstrong Story, set to be released across multiple media platforms in the near future.

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