Makeup Therapist and self-made MUA, Latesha Short, has made a name for herself by simply doing what she loves… uplifting women and making them feel beautiful! Latesha has always been in love with the beauty and fashion industry, at times even standing out for speaking against the universal “beauty standards”. Since her high school and college years, she has often been nominated to enhance the beauty of others for special occasions and events. Some of her work experiences include working in salons, behind the scenes at beauty pageants, MAC Cosmetics, freelance projects, and now her very own beauty studio. Latesha’s educational background in both psychology and clinical mental health counseling has fueled her passion towards women empowerment. This has allowed her to develop a mentor program (Queens By Nature) in her community, as well as start SO DIVAH, the FIRST known local and black-owned cosmetic line in Lee county. Latesha has been professionally serving the beauty needs of others since 2012, starting her journey with makeup services, gradually expanding to lash application, and finally learning about proper skin care. Latesha believes that when we look good, we feel good. She feels that everyone is beautiful in their own uniqueness, and feels her mission is to help women showoff their beauty and confidence from the inside out! 

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