Karen Salters is a host of the women’s summit named, “Women Positioned For Prayer, Praise And Promotion”. which inspires women to walk in their purpos.

  Married to the love of her life, Pastor Gentry Salters Of 39 Years. They are residents of Tupelo, MS with 5 Amazing Children, Quadrius Salters(Aubree), Ross Salters(Latreece), Recquel Salters(Joel Salters, Her Twin And Their Angel Baby) And Ebony Boone(Jeremy) 

  Her heartbeats are her grands, Kayleigh, Kyson, Kadyn, Ava, and a new addition on the way.

  Karen is a Mary Kary business owner. Implementing GOD, family and career, which compliments her faith walk in the community while building and enriching lives. She is the leader of The Life Changers Unit, and has earned the Phoenix Award Twice! She has served in many levels of the business. From Consultant-Sr Sales Director Which is  2% of the company . 

You Can Often Hear Her Say “IT’S HAPPENING”

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