Dr. Linda Baker Brandon

Name of Your Company?

Flawed but Uniquely Designed, LLC


1.) CEO/Owner of Flawed but Uniquely Designed, LLC

Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? 

My journey began many years ago with several starts and stops. But it was mostly hidden behind fulfilling the dreams of others through an 8 am to 5 pm job, small assignments, church, family, school, fears, and excuses. As I reflect, it is proven that it is never to late to begin again. It is not to late to recalibrate and put me first. My mom and grandmothers were my motivation. They were powerful women filled with grace, love, and dignity. They each endured so much to sustain family and continuity. I owe it to them and me to matriculate in life and create a life long legacy in honor of these women of greatness. In addition, my grandmother Mary with limited education began a business in 1948. The Blue Front Cafe is a historic old juke joint made of cinder blocks. It remains open today after 75 years of operation. If my grandmother could make it happen with no technology, no television marketing, no microwave, and lots of children, I am definitely limited in my excuses. I only need to trust God, write the vision, believe in my dreams, and make them come into fruition through intentional actions steps. This is pure motivation to want to excel and level up a little higher for the next generation,

Are you an Author, have you hit Amazon Best Seller yet if so how many times? 

Yes, I am an author of articles and reports.

What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur ?

I would encourage other inspiring entrepreneurs to take time to laugh, look at the sky, and smell the roses. To take a chance on themselves. Know their worth even when others don’t value them. Remember that they are created for greatness and have dominion and authority. To transform their minds and reimagine who they can become. Believe in themselves. Remain true to their dreams and values in the high points, middle points, and low points in life. It is okay to be wrong and learn something new. It is called humility snd growth. To only measure yourself against yourself because no one can be you better than you. Life can get hectic, but don’t get stuck in the word busy with no productivity to show for it. Busy should produce measurable outcomes. Whatever you do, trust God, remain encouraged and know that baby steps represent progress, so keep moving forward.

What are your goals for 2024? 

My goal is to live my best life in Christ with family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances as I continue to manifest my dreams and create a legacy for my children and children’s children. My second goal is to build my business to its highest capacity through innovation and quality services.



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