Dr.Kandy Baylor has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her mother, as assistant pastor.  She is the founder of “Victory’s Secret.”, a mentorship program where she teaches both men & women how to define and develop their purpose while breaking free from traumatic & emotional bondage. As a prayer strategist, Kandy also hosts a 5-week online course called the “Activate Me Prayer Academy”, where she teaches & demonstrates the fundamentals of an effective prayer life, as well as how to hear the voice of God,. 

As a powerful speaker, she draws heavily from her past experiences of trial in which she faced and overcame to minister the Word. A very straight forward and upbeat personality on and off stage, Kandy possesses the rare ability to reach, empower, and provoke her listening audience as she ushers them into an authentic worship experience.

Kandy is a mother of four beautiful children. She possesses a true passion for battered, divorced, and single mothers, as she uses her own personal experiences as a public testimony. She believes that once true believers come into the knowledge of who God say that they are and understand that the I AM is within them, they will no longer be the victims but instead Victors! 

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