Dr. Aviva “Tina” Williamson

Name of Your Company The Williamson Way Real Estate and Demonstration Church LIST YOUR 5 TITLES? Be Free! 21 Days of Empowerment for the Broken Woman, Underneath My Skin Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? Are you an Author, have you hit Amazon Best Seller yet if so how many times? I am an author What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur? I’m naturally a ‘birther’. My advice is to keep pushing. No matter how hard it gets, you have to get up every single day and work. It does not work if you don’t work. God gives vision, but He does expect you to work what He’s given you. Make sure you believe in it first. If you don’t believe in it, it’s never going to work. Stop being complacent. Stop procrastinating. Get up and go forth!! Cry, scream, and yell when you have to, but do not stop. What are your goals for 2024? My goals for 2024 includes releasing another devotional, moving into our new church building, doubling my real estate goals, hosting a few conferences, and adding more events to my Superwoman SOAR group. I also have goals of going back to restart my podcast again. WEBSITE? www.demonstrationchurch.org https://thewilliamsonway.kw.com

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