Dana Knight is a retiree from AT&T with 41 years of service. Over her career she held 15 different roles in both occupational and management positions. Beginning as a copy clerk she worked hard and achieved the role of Director AT&T.  She led teams across the country responsible for technical support for AT&T’s Fortune 500 customers.  As part of her role as team leader, she was also directly responsible for forming, developing, and supporting the teams who ordered, designed, and installed those services required by their customers. Later in her career, Dana worked with the AT&T Lab & Product Development Teams, designing and delivering new products and services which were key to their brand of Hybrid Services offerings. 

In addition, during her career, Dana was an active member of 7 of AT&T’s Employee Resource Groups. These resource groups were all 501-C3 non-profit organizations that provided safe environments for professional and personal development of employees working within their infinity group. She was active on the local, regional, and national boards of these various organizations.  At the end of her working career, she was the National Advisor to the The NETwork – Black Integrated Communications Professionals Board of Directors, the oldest of all AT&T’s Employee Resource Groups.After retiring from AT&T in 2019, Dana has continued to stay active working with The NETwork, WiseHAT Consulting, and other professional development organizations, sharing her experience in leadership, people management and career development. She believes deeply in the power of positive thinking and the benefits of self-development. She continues to attend conferences and seminars to stay connected and inspired. In her personal time, she enjoys attending sporting events and live music p

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