Cynthia Flores Mendez

Cynthia has journeyed through her career in corporate America, discovering untapped abilities and skills, building relationships and confidence, and taking risks that led to favorable outcomes. Her passion for learning and development have helped her achieve results through adoption, collaboration and innovation. Most recently, bringing together all levels of support professionals to positively engage, grow capabilities and actively participate in corporate-wide initiatives previously unavailable to the admin population. Her vision and mission is to create lasting change for the underrepresented. ABP CoP is committed to educate, empower, and elevate the role of administrative business partners across the globe.  Founder and Advisor
ABP CoP, Chevron Corporation 

Special Accomplishments:

2019 – Stood up pilot program for administrative professionals to grow capabilities by partnering with IT Productivity Group and Microsoft Customer Success Manager, Modern Workplace.

2020 – Stood up a platform for administrative business partners during the pandemic, bringing admins from all areas of the enterprise together to support one another, strengthen skills that enabled teams to thrive in a remote environment, and teamed with HR to prepare admins for a company-wide reorganization/transformation.

2021 – ABP recognized as an official Community of Practice, with a Steering Committee, Executive Sponsorship and a growing number of members seeking the benefits of being part of the ABP community.

2021 – ABP leaders spearhead the work for the administrative services function to be included in the Competency Assessment Management Program for the first time in company history. The Steering Committee submits proposed targets for Administrative Services Competencies.

2022 – Through the leadership efforts of ABP, other admin groups merged together to form a core team who serve as key stakeholders for the Administrative Services function. 

2022 – Administrative Services function is one of 10 functions included in the Competency Assessment Management Program. A soft launch is introduced to the U.S. employee population for all levels of administrative support roles.

2022 – To date, the self-organized group of admin leaders has gained executive support, resulting in HR representation for the first time in company history. The Administrative Services function officially gains representation and a seat at the table for learning and development, career ladder refresh and ongoing support from Talent Management Advisor.

2022 – Lead from where you are, align and inspire by implementing change to improve manual processes in current role as Marine Assurance Coordinator, Chevron Shipping Company..

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