Pastor Bessie Scoggins is a Philanthropist, Sought-after Speaker, Life Coach, Author, Mentor and Mother, who is dedicated to the work of the Lord. She yields a humble servant’s spirit and a heart for God’s people. Pastor Scoggins has been poised and positioned by the authority of God to minister the message of the Lord Jesus Christ; with a God given anointing to destroy yokes. She has been known to be a straightforward speaker as she delivers the uncompromising Word of God while operating in the gifts of healing, prophecy, and the laying on of hands.

Pastor Scoggins has been ministering the glorious gospel for over 20 years. She began her ministry in her early 20’s; when she received her State Ministerial License from the California District Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. She served as Youth Pastor at the Truth Apostolic Community Church in Spring Valley, CA, under the leadership of the late District Elder A.C., Williams. In July of 2009 she received her National license from the California District Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Pastor Scoggins served as the Care Pastor and New Member Director of Covenant Church in Berkeley, CA, for ten years under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop K.R. Woods.

Understanding the assignment on her life, she travels extensively nationally and internationally, to Countries such as Italy, Jerusalem, London, and Canada as an Evangelist declaring the electrifying Word of the Lord. God has ordained Pastor Scoggins not only to be a speaker, but also a visionary. For the past six years the Lord’s assignment for Pastor Scoggins has been to help restructure, rebuild, and assist some of Northern-California’s most prominent ministries & leaders. She currently serves as Founder and CEO of Pastor Bessie Scoggins International Ministries, Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Alliance (PWEA), Empowerment Bible Institute and Seminary and Empowerment Community Development Center. Pastor Scoggins is a contributing author of Victorious Living for Moms and Memoirs of a Phenomenal Women. She is the principal author of five additional books: Getting Rid of Space Wasters, Designer Woman Emerge Now, Next Chapter, The Road to Divorce Recovery, S.A.L.T (Single and Loving It) and the newest book set to release late 2023 – “10 Days to Better”. However, she considers her greatest accolade, being the mother of three beautiful daughters: Alesia, Aijalon and Nyalah.

In July of 2014 the Lord spoke expressly to Pastor Scoggins to commence her ministry where she serves as Senior Pastor of Empowerment Cathedral Church in Antioch, CA.

Pastor Scoggins continues in her endeavors to be a monumental voice not only to the 21st Century church, but to the world at large. She believes in the power of prayer and committing herself to live a holy and righteous life unto the Lord. Pastor Scoggins continues to empower the people of God with the leading of the Holy Spirit, remembering that she has not just been called but is also chosen to make a lasting, life-changing impact on a dying world.

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