April encourages everyone to Go Be Great..and Operate in their Grace Space and make time for
daily self care!!! She is the Founder of The Renewed & Refined Woman’s Society and the Chief Curator of Rich
Maunties Unite Subscription Experience.
This journey to becoming Renewed & Refined is a Process!!! It takes time, discipline, and
consistency!!! But it will be so worth it.
Removing impurities, or unwanted elements. Re-establishing healthy habits in every area of your life, and reviving those things in your life
that have slowly wasted away.
April’s most treasured role is that of wife & mom She is married to a tenacious visionary in his own right, and they have two handsome sons; affectionally known as “TheBoydBoys”. April and her family enjoy spending quality time together with each other and friends, this includes impromptu Game Nights, community service or
praising and worshipping God corporately. April’s passion for empowering women and her community can best been seen by the creation of The CEO Circle Community Awards Gala. This inaugural event brought over 500 citizens out to celebrate and honor local Heroes and heroes for their extraordinary service and devotion to their community. April’s heart for people is not
limited to those she knows and love.

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