Anntonette McEwen

Name of Your Company Pearls of Encouragement LIST YOUR 5 TITLES? Certified public speaker , personal motivational life coach , grief coach , Amazon best seller, customer service Leader Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? I humbly credit my loving memories of my grandmother and her spiritual beliefs and dedication to outreach ministry. My grandmothers special touch include writing letters AB’s sending special boxes of care to family members. She was a source of joy and surprise ri her family, friends and community . My Bahama. Are you an Author, have you hit Amazon Best Seller yet if so how many times? yes  1X time What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur? “Believe in your strength, embrace your uniqueness, and never underestimate the power within you. The world is full of possibilities, and you have the ability to shape your own incredible story. Shine bright, young one, for your potential is limitless.” What are your goals for 2024? In 2024, a businesswoman might aim to: 1. **Professional Growth:** Strive for continuous learning and skill development to stay ahead in a dynamic business environment. 2. **Leadership Excellence:** Enhance leadership skills, fostering a positive and productive work culture within the team. 3. **Innovation and Adaptation:** Embrace innovation and stay adaptable to navigate evolving market trends and technological advancements. 4. **Networking:** Expand professional networks to foster collaborations, share insights, and open doors to new opportunities. 5. **Financial Acumen:** Strengthen financial literacy to make informed decisions and drive the financial success of the business. 6. **Work-Life Balance:** Prioritize well-being and achieve a healthy work-life balance for sustained personal and professional growth. WEBSITE?

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