Name of Your Company Big Starz Childcare Center & Preschool LIST YOUR 5 TITLES? Wife, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Author, Family Life Coach, Mother Wife, Pastor, Entrepreneur, Author, Family Life Coach, Mother Tell us more about your Journey as a Woman in Business or Ministry , What was your motivation? feel like if I beat the odds and was able to preserver regardless of the setbacks of my biological mothers drug addiction my teen pregnancies and a High School drop out, being look down upon having limited friends, anyone can do it. It was and is definitely by the grace of God that I even have a mind to be all that He has called me to be. My motivation was Out of my desire to see every teen mom excel and not become a drop out or statistic I went to the necessary trainings and licensing to provide quality childcare for children of Teen moms so that they can obtain their High School diplomas without their children being without quality care. Aliceson & her husband has 3 Childcare centers and 1 opening soon, she is the author of Fake Sex Real Consequences, Co Author of We Are Married, Now What? Co Author of Women of Valor, Aliceson is a Family Life Coach, The Executive Pastor at Impact Community Church, The Co-Founder of StrongLove Marriage Circle and the founder of Heart2Heart Family Partners 501C3 and Life After Delivery(LAD) Teen Mom Empowerment program. Her motto is I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME. Are you an Author, have you hit Amazon Best Seller yet if so how many times? Yes I am an author of 2 books and has co authored a book with other ladies 2 best sellers What advice can you give other inspiring Entrepreneur? Get Focused, Know your Craft and Know Your Worth. Treat your staff how you would want to be treated. Remain teachable so you can remain valuable in your industry. What are your goals for 2024? To help more couples restore their marriages and find success in their marriages and business. To purchase commercial property, To obtain rental properties and travel more speaking. To sell 6 homes as a Real Estate Agent. Personal goal to pay my house and cars off WEBSITE?

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